Last year was rough, and with inflation, we have looked at and decided to adjust the monthly tiers to reflect the rising costs of running the comic, plus move some stuff to where it makes more sense.

Most of the goals won’t affect the site since they are beneath $2k a month, and we will use the end of the month values to make decisions for the next month.

First off, the sidestories will be 6 pages a month UNLESS we hit $3k. At that number, we will go back to 8 pages.

Also, the main Lady Valiant comic will be 6 pages a month(no longer Monday-Thursday) unless we hit $3.5k a month(then we are back to 8 pages a month).

These are both goals we have gotten close to, if not hit regularly. This will also mean when we will be 8 pages a month; so on odd months with potential 9th page updates, we will add a sketch of some sort.

$15 Tier is renamed LV-Verse – This will not only be used for Turbulance, but also any other art pieces I create in the LV-Verse, be it short comics or other smaller commissions in the LV universe. Twice a year, I will try to create an extra bit of LV-Verse material just for this tier.

$20 Tier has an extra! – A monthly pin-up; a Patron Voted colored + background commission: everything is accepted, up to 2 characters but it has to feature at least 1 Lady Valiant comic character.

The ‘Goals’ numbers will affect the next month in sequence. So if we are underneath a value in March, it will affect main LV pages for April. But, because we are two months ahead in the sidestory, it will affect May’s sidestory.

So, overall, we are looking for more people involved; more patrons, more community members, and creating more stuff in the LV-verse. More superheroines, more bodyswaps, more super strong chicks! More everything! So, if you can, please spread the word!

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