Cabin in the Morning Woods, is a planned comic that will be 55 pages long once completed!  This is a bit of an erotic horror story(I think my first attempt at one), drawn by artist Kimmy.   We are releasing the prologue and first two chapters(of five) on the site in December. So overall, we are looking at 25 pages released for December of Cabin. I know it’s not Lady Valiant, but fret not! Lady Valiant isn’t going anywhere, this is just a December-only extra.

Most of the art team usually has vacations planned in December, plus I want to ensure we have a healthier page buffer to enter 2021, so this move makes some sense. We want to really ensure we have a healthier page count in January.

To reiterate, Lady Valiant isn’t going anywhere, and the patreon extras will still run in December.  I just thought this would be a cool thing to share and also give our artists a bit more breathing room.  The last three chapters(as they are completed) will be released first to patrons, so please join our Patreon! Or, if you want to see the first two chapters of Cabin early, join today at the $7 tier. The first 10 pages will be coming to patrons December 1st!

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