Our growth this past year has been incredible and insane.  I have also been reading all the surveys you all have been filling out and I have some news, after talking to our artist.

As I’ve said many times, the bulk of the cost of LV goes directly to pay for the art, then the hosting service. There is not much left afterwards.  LV to me is more about enjoying the community we created and the story being created as well.

Because of our recent growth, our artist has finally earned enough to file taxes. Unfortunately, where he lives taxes freelancers heavily. 

We have talked about this and we both want to keep the updates going.  Unfortunately, the prices we have set now, 12 pages a month is not realistic. We unfortunately need to back down to an 8 page a month(two pages a week) schedule in 2020. December will stick with the 12 a month schedule.  We will be keeping the colored pages.

We have also seen requests for more naughty side stuff, and we are hearing you loud and clear. Our other main goal is to double the size of the monthly side stories.  To do this, we need our patreon to reach $3,100 a month.  

Now, we can get back to a 12 page a month schedule next year, but this is entirely reliant on more growth, which we desperately need.

I’m already talking to other partners I have in the comic world about getting the word out, but any help you guys can give would be awesome!  

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