On our patreon, we have a tier for Custom Side Stories. These tiers have a perk for the patron to have a side story, or comic, made of their very own, of their choosing.

We have two to share, with permission from the patrons. The first is ‘Revenge Swap’.

Revenge Swap is the story of an angry young woman taking revenge on her worst enemy with some swapping shenanigans.

But sometimes, revenge doesn’t go the way you planned!   Our amazing Patron, the mysterious ‘John Doe’, also took a crack and adding colors to our amazing art team’s work!  

Our second patron Custom Side Story comic is ‘Fury Cat’.

Furycat is a comic by one of our amazing patrons on our Custom Side Story tier.  This is a tale of a seductive super thief finding something she finds very dear stolen from her, and a low level thug getting a jackpot.

 Our patrons commission work all the time along with us, and at times  share these commissions on our discord.  To see these never before seen  comics, please join us!   

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