I’ve not made a post about the Patreon for Lady Valiant yet, but I’ve decided now is a good time to tell you guys about it.

One thing I want to make clear is the core Lady Valiant comic will never be behind a paywall. I’ve never put it behind one before I still won’t now. However, I try to provide really amazing extras in the different tiers to make it worth the patrons’ support.

The $7 tier gets you access to the Official Lady Valiant Discord server. Other than communicating with myself, the artists, and other fans, the discord has another extra. A few months back, it was discovered that for he past ten years I’ve commissioned a lot of artwork and comics that have never before been seen. Access to the Discord gets you access to all these past comics and art I’ve commissioned. I’m still digging through emails and old hard drives discovering old material I forgot existed.

A few fans set up a Pixiv and Deviantart showcasing just a few samples of what I commissioned in the past, so if you think you might be interested, please check it out.

The $15 tier has access to the original Lady Valiant comic, as drawn by the first artist, Blackwalker80, before the comic was redrawn by our current artist. The original Lady Valiant has a few minor changes so it’s well worth checking out. What’s more is this tier has access to another 8 page a month comic I tried having made several years ago called Turbulence.

Turbulence is not quite like Lady Valiant, in fact, it’s quite a different comic alltogether! Check out the preview of Issue 1 and, if interested for more, join the Patreon at $15!

The $20 tier is where it gets interesting. The $20 tier not only has access to all previous tiers, but monthly 5 page naughty side stories set in the Lady Valiant Universe! Currently we have three side stories, and side stories are now set to be released every month.

That’s not all. We have goals set. The more patrons, the higher the goals we can hit. Next Month will be a 3 page a week month, with a total of 12 pages. Hitting our next goals will get us up to 16, then 20 pages a month! I invite you guys to look around at what we have to give and, if you deem it valuable to do so, give our patreon a spin.

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