Who is the Red Menace? A Soviet-era engineered super-spy/assassin who was captured, of course! She is also starring(kind of) in next Month’s community-voted Naughty Side Story, ‘Test Drive, Part 1’.

What are the Naughty Side Stories? They are 8-page a month stories a bit on the naughtier side of things loosely in the Lady Valiant universe, available to all patrons on the $20 tier and higher. They are also community-driven.

Every month, we have a vote on what the next Naughty Side Story will be. The winner is then drawn and released the next month. What’s more is the Naughty Side Stories are patron-exclusives for only 6 months. Older side stories are rolled out to the public as time goes on.

But, if you want to check out the story of Red Menace in ‘Test Drive’, pledge for the $20 tier today! It is your support that makes this comic work!

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