This weekend will be a big one for art at Team Lady Valiant.  This Friday night we will be having another Ralvi Raffle.  Join our Patreon at the $7 level, sign up on Friday, and go into our #other-commissions room.  Say you want a slot, and you will get a chance to win a free full-body sketch of your choice by Ralvi, artist of ‘Turbulence’.  

That’s not all!  This Saturday, we will have our main artist for Lady Valiant, Xam, do a 2 hour art stream on our Discord!  Every patron $7 and higher will be able to join and watch, but those at the $20 tier will be able to make requests!   Xam will draw as many requests as he can in the 2 hours, so come in early!  Time will be announced soon!

COVID-19 has made these interesting times.  All members of Team LV live all around the world, and are in different levels of quarantine.  We also understand that things are going to be weird financially for the next months or so.  We also know that we are currently underneath the $3k goal on Lady Valiant.  

I want to give a sense of normalcy during these times.  As long as the patreon numbers don’t drop too drastically from here, I am willing to cover the difference in cost to keep both the Lady Valiant, Naughty Side Stories, and Tubulence updates going at their current level, for at least another two months.  I hope that the escapism I provide helps you guys in these trying times.  

I am still aiming to getting us up and beyond $4k if possible.  We can do it!

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