With August coming up, we’ll be doing the last delay on pages until December(was thinking a Christmas-themed LV filler to run in lieu of regular pages in December).  

January we will start with a strong buffer, pages drawn months ahead of time(available first for Super Partners).  

Now August, with the filler, I was thinking of posting Golden Infinity, the comic commission I am working on the amazing artist Freeglass with.  But, looking at GI, it is hot, but it is also extremely lewd, more so than the main LV or Turbulance Comics.  It even surpasses the original Cabin(Aftermath comics are being published on the discord!).  Now, for my regular commissions that are in my vault, I think that’s fine, but I’m not sure if it fits the jive we have with the main LV website.

Maybe I’m getting cold feet to publish GI on the main site for August, and I wanted to check to see what you guys would like to see for August’s month-long filter?

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